We’re Number 1!

Out of all public high schools in Central Ohio, Bexley High School was ranked number one regionally and number 4 in the state by US News & World Report, and is one in 19 schools in Ohio to receive a Gold Medal.

Ranks are determined through a four-step process that ensures all students in the school are served equally and well. Gold Medal ranking is based on student performance on state-required tests and how well they are prepared for college. The school must have the highest unrounded College Readiness Index (CRI) values, which are based on AP participation and passing rates. BHS students pass their AP exams at a rate of 89%.

Moreover, BHS was rated 62nd of 100 best public high schools in the nation by The Best Schools website. These schools were ranked on factors including strength of curriculum, school AP or IB participation rate, percent of students AP tested and percent IB tested and passed.

According to the Bexley High School’s newspaper, Principal Harley Williams is proud and confident in the school. He is quoted saying, “Getting in the top 100 public schools in the country, it’s hard to do. It gives me a sense of pride, validation and affirmation.”

Bexley High School has a 97% graduation rate.