Ready for college in Bexley

by Harley Williams, Principal of Secondary Schools

from This Week Bexley News

One important factor for the Bexley community in the education success equation is how well prepared our graduates are when they get to college.

We in Bexley consistently send more than 90 percent of our students to college. Eighty-one percent of the class of 2015 headed to a four-year college; 9 percent chose two-year institutions and 4 percent took a gap year off.

Starting last year, the state got in on the act, with more rigorous high school graduation requirements, based on ramped-up state academic standards and geared to college and career readiness.

Now Ohio’s state report card includes the measure, “Prepared for Success,” which looks at college readiness. One way the state measures this success is by whether high school graduates need developmental coursework once they get to college.

By this measure, Bexley students are the best prepared among their Franklin County peers, according to the 2015 Ohio Remediation Report. Only 8 percent of Bexley students who entered Ohio public colleges and universities in 2014 needed remedial coursework to help them catch up in math or English. This compares with 12 percent of Upper Arlington graduates, 15 percent of Dublin’s and 34 percent of Grandview’s.