In Memoriam

Reported since January 1, 2016. *Last updated on 8/26/2020.

We extend our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the following alumni who died since our last publication. They will be greatly missed. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please help us stay informed by calling us at 614-338-2093 or emailing

Norman Wayne Hanners, Class of 1949, of Bexley, OH, passed away September 7, 2020. Married to his high school sweetheart, JoAnn Susil ’49 for 70 years, his most important accomplishment in life was his dedication to his family as the most faithful and loving husband, father, grandfather and friend to all. To read his notice, click here.

Carolyn Stegmiller Bolin, Class of 1964, and spouse to Stuart Bolin’ 64, died suddenly on August 27, 2020.  She always had a sparkle in her eye and a true heart of gold. Read her notice here.

Tom Lucktenberg, Class of 1972, passed away suddenly on July 12, 2020. To read his notice, click here:

Susan Elaine Weil, Class of 1965, passed away at her home in Denver Colorado on August 16, 2020 after a long and courageous battle with multiple myeloma. Friends may honor her by voting in the upcoming election. To read her notice, click here.

Judith R. Morganstern Schneider, Class of 1947, passed away peacefully on August 12, 2020. Her greatest joy was being a devoted and loving grandmother. Read her notice here.

William G. “Bill” Cones, Class of 1955, died peacefully on Wednesday, August 5, 2020, with his loving family by his side following a extended illness. During grade school, Bill met his future bride, Joan Planson, Class of 1955, and their flirting dates back to the fourth grade. Read his notice here.

Jack Simon Meizlish, Class of 1967, passed away peacefully on July 20, 2020. His life was defined by close family and dear friendships, many of which started in the Bexley school system and continued until his last day. To read more, click here.

Sharon Baas Kenney, Class of 1957, passed away peacefully at home in Massachusetts with her family by her side, July 21, 2020.  Because of the covid virus, plans for a memorial in MA are on hold.

William G. Barrett, Class of 1947, died Saturday, July 18, 2020. He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean Conflict, receiving a Purple Heart, and Bronze and Silver Stars. To read Bill’s notice, click here.

Frances “Frankie” Polster Schottenstein, Class of 1948, died on July 5, 2020. Frankie had a kind and compassionate heart and a strong sense of community. To read her notice, click here.

Kenneth Lee Kauffman, Class of 1945, died on July 6, 2020. Kenny was a terrific athlete with a zest for life, and a “one-of-a-kind” personality; while at Bexley HS he received 10 Varsity sport letters and earned the nickname “The Rabbit” for his speed and athletic ability. Read more about Kenny here.

Ramona Peairs Budd Adams, Class of 1955, of Easton, Kansas, passed away Wednesday, 13 May 2020. She was an accomplished chemist and animal lover. For Ramona’s notice, read here.

Lois Mae (Mickey) Williamson, Class of 1942, devoted wife, cherished mother and proud grandmother, passed away at age 95 on June 25, 2020. She is preceded in death by her identical twin sister, Doris Mickey Whims. For her notice, read here.

Mary Ruth Van Matre Peterson, Class of 1947,  passed away on June 3, 2020. She cherished her time with her great grandchildren and making memories with her family. To read her notice, click here.

David Allen Beck, Class of 1956, of Columbus, passed away May 29, 2020. He is survived by his high school sweetheart and loving wife of 60 years, Nancy (Metzger) Beck, ’56. For arrangements and Dave’s notice, read here.

Karl William Kumler, MD, Class of 1959, passed away peacefully at home on May 27, 2020. A memorial service is planned for summer 2021. To read Karl’s notice, click here.

Jessica Lynn Jorgensen, Class of 1994, passed away unexpectedly on May 8, 2020. To read her notice, click here.

Mary Elizabeth Pfanz Staffan, Class of 1942, passed away at her residence on May 9, 2020.  Read her notice here.

Martha Jane Pfanz Montany, Class of 1942, peacefully passed at her Manchester home Monday, May 4, 2020.  Read her notice here.

Jane Isabelle Hoel, Class of 1950, passed away on April 23, 2020 and will be greatly missed by family and friends. She was the daughter of Bexley High School teacher Charles Hoel.  Read her obituary here.

Richard “Dick” Miller Vetter, Class of 1955, passed away peacefully at home in Spring Texas surrounded by family on April 21, 2020. Read his notice here.

Robert W. Weber, Class of 1941, passed away on April 14, 2020.  To read Bob’s notice, click here.

Jeffrey A. Kirn, Class of 1972, passed away the night before Easter, April 11, 2020, after a two year struggle with cancer. Read Jeff’s notice here.

Carol Newhouse Young, Class of 1954, passed away on April 4, 2020. She was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. To read her notice, click here.

William “Bill” Bettridge, Class of 1952, PhD, Catonsville,MD , professor of English at UMBC, Maryland for 30 years, died March 10 , 2020, leaving wife Patricia and son William, Jr, and two grandchildren.

Class of 1930-1939

Jane Elizabeth Davis Wiseman, ’34 (5/29/19)

Betty Ann (Rohrbacher) Mercer, ’39 (9/12/19)

Class of 1940-1949

Susan Marguerite Rollins, ’42, (1/23/19)

Naomi M. Reid, ’47 (2/12/19)

Robert J. Duffy, ’43 (4/1/19)

Ralph E. Ramey Jr., ’46 (4/29/19)

John Williams Roberts, ’49 (6/3/19)

John (Jack) McLaurin Barr, ’44 (8/7/19)

Wilbur Collins, ’48 (9/11/19)

Joanne Jones Howard Hoffman ’40 (8/12/19)

Joann Baldwin Hickle, ’47 (10/9/19)

Joan Eickholt Birtcher ’49 (5/11/19)

Cecil Blocker ’49 (6/23/19)

Sylvia Blake ’49 (3/29/19)

Richard E. “Dick” Neustadt, ’47 (11/30/19)

Edward M Hirsch ’49 (12/21/19)

Thomas Glidden Thornbury,’49 (12/25/19)

Mary Walker Angevine,’47 (1/18/20)

Russell “Russ” Eli Williams Jr., ’45 (2/7/20)

Carole Candace (Crumley) Paprocki, ’47 (2/10/20)

Ann Morgan Albershardt, ’47 (2/12/20)

Robert W. Weber, ’41 (4/14/20)

Jerome Hackman, ’42 (3/6/20)

Mary Elizabeth Pfanz Staffan, ’42, (5/9/20)

Martha Jane Pfanz Montany, ’42 (5/4/20)

Mary Ruth Van Matre Peterson, ’47 (6/3/20)

Lois Mae (Mickey) Williamson’42 (6/25/20)

Frances “Frankie” Polster Schottenstein ’48 (7/5/20)

Kenneth Lee Kauffman’45 (7/6/20)

William G. Barrett, ’47 (7/18/20)

Judith R. (Morganstern) Schneider’47

Norman Wayne Hanners ’49 (9/7/20)

Class of 1950-1959

Elizabeth “Betsy” Nida Noethlich  ’55 (1/15/19)
Augustine Dattalo Ellis’ 51 (2/19)
Sally Kerr Byrd ’53 (1/23/19)
William F. McIver II, ’53 (4/24/19)
Robert “Bo” Newell, ’59 (5/11/19)
John C. Witherspoon, ’55 (5/29/19)
Rebecca Rosenthal Rosen, ’58
Ruthann Jarvis Furgason, ’50 (6/30/19)
Barbara Bidlak Hauser, ’53 (7/1/19)
Daniel Muriel Riffle ’53 (7/5/19)
Barbara W. Campbell ’50 (7/5/19)
Carolyn Stoddard ’56 (8/16/19)
Marilyn Jane (Janie) Anthony Lehman,’52 (9/25/19)
Suzanne “Sue” Rowe Haering, 51 (3/12/19)
Nancy Winters Ludwig ’51 (12/31/19)
Martha Lou Clodfelter Reed, ’50 (12/25/19)
William Bettridge, ’52 (3/9/20)
Carol Newhouse Young, ’54 (4/4/20)
Richard “Dick” Miller Vetter, ’55 (4/21/21)
Jane Isabelle Hoel, ’50 (4/23/20)
Karl William Kumler ’59 (5/27/20)
David Allen Beck, ’56 (5/29/20)
Ramona Peairs Budd Adams ’55 (5/13/20)
Sharon Baas Kenney, ’57 (7/21/20)
William G. “Bill” Cones ’55 (8/5/20)
William Bettridge, ’52 (3/10/20)

Class of 1960-1969

Alan Steven Gutter ’66 (1/25/19)

Michael Gray ’69 (2/13/19)

Jackie Forster ’65 (3/1/19)

Judy Ann Taylor Burris, ’62 (6/1/19)

Carolyn Langfitt Stoddard ’56 (8/16/19)

Donald Feinstein ’62 (10/15/19)

Linda Krech Archer,’67 (11/2/19)

James K. Hunter, III, ’62 (11/11/19)

Deborah “Muguet” J. (Smith) Ostaski, ’66 (11/24/19)

Diane Vorys Phllips ’64 (12/15/19)

John Richard David ’69 (3/24/20)

Jack Simon Meizlish, ’67 (7/20/20)

Susan Elaine Weil, ’65 (8/16/20)

Carolyn Stegmiller Bolin, ’64 (8/27/20)

Class of 1970-1979

Robert N. “Rob” Johnson, ’74 (8/17/19)

Eric Essig ’72 (7/10/19)

Wm. Micheal “Mike” Wood’ 75 (12/30/19)

Jeffrey A. Kirn, ’72 (4/11/20)

Tom Lucktenberg, ’72, (7/12/20)

Class of 1980-1989

Richard Fisher ’80 (8/25/19)

Scott Thomas Elsass ’87 (11/12/19)

Craig A. Kleiman ’98 (12/19/19)


Class of 1990-1999

Ryan Duemey, ’94 (3/13/2019)

Jason Edward Tackett ’96 (5/25/19)

Jessica Lynn Jorgensen, ’94 (5/9/20)

Class of 2000-2009

Class of 2010-2019

Roman Garcia ’16 (4/14/19)