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Why give?

Your life has been shaped by your experiences in the Bexley Schools. We hope that those experiences, the collective memories that you share with your classmates and the fondness you have for all things Bexley will encourage you to give to support your alumni association and the schools that were so instrumental in charting your personal journey. We encourage you to learn more about how your generosity will help ensure that the tradition of excellence within the Bexley Schools is maintained for future generations.

Bexley High School Aumni Piazza and Walkway

Since its dedication on July 4, 1996, the Bexley High School Alumni Walkway and Pizza has continued to be a special place to honor Bexley graduates, classes, teachers, and special friends of the Bexley Schools.  Envisioned as a gathering area for past, present and future Bexley graduates, the piazza has become just that. Engraved benches placed along the walkway can be purchased with a $2,500 contribution, while engraved pavers, located in the center of the piazza can be purchased for $500 each.

Lions’ Pride Alumni Fund

Gifts to the Lions’ Pride Alumni Fund ensure that all Bexley students, regardless of their income levels, can benefit from the “Bexley experience” – and the pride and tradition that sets Bexley apart from other public high schools across the country.  The Lions’ Pride Alumni Fund supports the purchase of Bexleo yearbooks for seniors with financial need, funds an annual Senior Celebration Day and provides a cash award to each Bexley senior who receives a Bexley High School Departmental Award. Contributions also support alumni events, awards and recognitions and on-going communications.

Bexley High School Alumni Scholarship Fund

The Alumni Endowment Fund, honoring the memory of longtime Bexley High School Alumni Association Secretary Barbara Babbitt Hysell, supports three annual scholarships for Bexley seniors. The Carlton Smith Memorial Scholarship is awarded to one male and one female senior who excel in both athletics and academics. The William E.L. Young Memorial Service Award recognizes a senior for service to the community and/or school.

Memorial And Tribute Gifts

Alumni are encouraged to make gifts that honor the memory of a fellow classmate, teacher, friend, or loved one. We notify family members (when provided with contact information) of gifts made without specifying the amount of the donation.

Designated Endowment Funds

Several Bexley High School alumni have established Designated Endowment Funds to support specific areas of within the Bexley Schools or to provide college scholarships. Those endowments grow with additional gifts. A complete list of Designated Endowment Funds is available on the Bexley Education Foundation website at or by calling (614) 338-2093.

Leave a Legacy at Bexley High School

Bexley High School alumni can sustain the tradition of excellence in the Bexley Schools through a planned gift. One of the simplest ways is through a bequest in a will or estate plan.


We are happy to work with BHS Classes holding reunions to match their interest in making a class gift with special and on-going needs within the Bexley City School District.



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