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Reunions of 2022

Summer Celebrations over the July 4th weekend

Class of 1970 – 50th +2 (70 at 70)

Class of 1972 – 50th Reunion

Class of 1981 – 40th +1

Class of 1982 – 40th Reunion

Class of 1987 – 35th Reunion


Class of 2002 – 20th Reunion

Class of 2007 – 15th Reunion

Class of 2012 – 10th Reunion

Class of 2017 – 5th Reunion

September Gathering

Class of 1952 – 70th Reunion

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Class of 1957 – 65th Reunion Photos

Class picture for graduation 1957

Arlene Roth, Lynda Levison Nacht, Bob Friedman, Gerri Mittler Moskowitz

Nancy Dickey Becker, Phil Becker, Dury Sudduth, Joann Sudduth

Arlene Roth, Benson Roth

Jack Lucks, Mike Benis, Fred Davidorf

Charles Neustadt, Ann Humphrey Yuen, Sally Abel Neustadt, Fred Davidorf

Bob Young, Barbara Morris Young, Jerry Davidson, Barbara Ball Davidson, Ellen Root, Ron Root

Judy Watts Lewis, Sally Abel Neustadt

Judy Watts Lewis, with Larry Haas seated and Charles Miller and Barbara Morris Young in the background

Sally Abel Neustadt, Elaine Zeff Lewin, Diane Friedman

Joyce Shkolnik Block, Gerri Mittler Moskowitz, Lynda Levison Nacht

Bob Friedman reading in memory of deceased classmates

Margey and Gary Cheses

Nancy and Bruce Meyer

Barbara Morris Young, Bob Young

Bob Friedman, Barbara Morris Young, Mike Benis

Bruce Meyer

Gary Cheses

Ron Root

Jerry Davidson

Roy and Margaret Hoel Tew

Barbara Slater Tucker

Diana Zox Bloch, Ron Feerer, Larry Haas

Linda Johnson Ziegler, Charles Miller, Barbara Morris Young, Judy Watts Lewis

Jerry Davidson, Barbara Ball Davidson

Addison Willis, Joann Sudduth, Nancy Dickey Becker, Phil Becker

Luncheon at Cherie and Jack Luck’s home

Mike Benis, Sally Abel Neustadt, Bruce Meyer, Nancy Meyer, Judy Watts Lewis, Cherie and Jack Lucks

Judy Watts Lewis, Joyce Shkolnik Block, Barbara Ball Davidson, Lynda Levison Nacht

Bob Young, Mike Benis, Tom Lewis, Judy Watts Lewis, Jack Lucks

The class at lunch at the Luck’s yard

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Commencement Photos through the years

1.Adie Liefield Young ’08 with dad Mark Liefield ’74

2. Anna Schottenstein ’07 with grandmother Ellen Schlesinger Schottenstein ’44.

3. members of Class of 2001

4. members of Class of 2001

5. Shelby Kurtz Levinson ’90 (front row 4th from the top) and the Class of 1990

6. Sarah Saxbe ’93 and Dushko Petrovich ’93

7. members of Class of 1993

8. Bryan Sutton’97 and Rachel Lewis ’97

9. Rachel Lewis’97 and Patrick Elias ’97

10. Members of class of 1997
Back Row: Dennis (Denny) Loper, Aaron Lincove, Rachel Lewis, Zorik Lerner, Jason LaBret
Middle Row: Mary Hottenrott, Virginia Hoey, Timothy Hilgeman, Charlsia Henderson
Front Row: Rachel Gurevitz, Susan Grotsky

11. Jenny Hayes, Class of 1994 President

12. Members of the Class of 1994

13. Alisa Kermisch ’94

14.  Members of the Class of 1994

15. Josh Price ’20 and his dad, Grant Price ’62

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2018 Senior Celebration Day

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Bexley High School Athletic Hall of Fame 2017

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