Distinguished Alumni Awards

Bexley graduates are making an impact every day in their careers and in their communities all over the country and around the world. Over the years, the alumni of Bexley High School have recognized Distinguished and Honorary Alumni. Recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award have made outstanding accomplishments and received honors or recognition for meritorious work in their chosen fields of endeavor or on behalf of their communities. Recipients of the Honorary Alumni Award are non-alumni who exhibited outstanding service on behalf of the Bexley Schools community.

Our most recent honorees of 2019 and past honorees are listed below.  We will recognize and celebrate the next class of outstanding alumni in 2021 with Bexley High School Distinguished Alumni Awards.

  • To be nominated, alumni must have distinguished themselves through professional achievement, service, and/or contributions to society. 
  • Nominees must have graduated from BHS at least 20 years ago.  
  • The award will not be presented posthumously.  
  • Previous nominations will be considered.
  • Alumni may not nominate themselves.

You are invited to nominate a deserving alumnus for consideration anytime using the link below.

Distinguished Alumni Award Nomination

NEW! This year we are initiating the BHS Emerging Leader Award to honor an outstanding young alumnus, who graduated from Bexley High School within the last 20 years (2001 or later) and who is on an exciting path to personal and professional achievement. You are invited to nominate an Emerging Leader using the link below.

Emerging Leader Award Nomination 

All Past Awards


Honorary Alumni | 2001
  • Barbara Drugan
  • David Hilliard
  • Linda Lucks ’55


Distinguished Alumni | 2001
  • Marc E. Lackritz ’64
  • William B. Salt II, M.D ’65


Honorary Alumni | 2002
  • Joyce Alspach ’38
  • Chuck Cooper
  • Robert Stafford


Distinguished Alumni | 2002
  • Thomas A. Boster ’54
  • Betsy Jackson ’79
  • Robert Weiler ’53


Honorary Alumni | 2003
  • John Barr
  • Charlene Morgan


Distinguished Alumni | 2003
  • Janet W. Bez Ebert ’53
  • Dan L. Vogel ’65


Distinguished Alumni | 2004
  • Michael W. Duffy ’76
  • Carol Miley Middaugh ’62
  • John Schramm ’49


Honorary Alumni | 2005
  • Mayor David H. Madison


Distinguished Alumni | 2005
  • Daryl L. Baxter Kamer ’58
  • William E. Hoyer ’61


Honorary Alumni | 2006
  • Bob Cull

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