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Bill Cohen ’66

Bill Cohen would like to share a link to his 8th annual Free Gratitude Concert

Friends.  Freedom.  Food.  Music. Parents. Children.  Pets. Laughter.  Emotions.  And dozens of other things.  Despite the virus, racial injustice, and many other challenges, we all have so much to be thankful for.  So join me (Bill Cohen) from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. on Friday November 26 as I sing a unique concert of songs that express gratitude for all that we have.  It’s our 8th year for this Thanksgiving-themed concert.  Playing piano and guitar, I’ll sing songs written by, made famous by, or inspired by, a wide variety of folks — John Denver, the Weavers, Phil Ochs, Louis Armstrong, and Don McLean.  Even Johnny Appleseed, Jiminy Cricket, and the “old ladies” on the TV show, “Golden Girls.”  On several songs, Ann Fisher will add beautiful flute accompaniment, David Maywhoor will add percussion, and Joe Lambert and Joanne Blum will add soothing vocal harmonies. This year, for the second time, the program will be entirely online.  Whether or not you’re a member of Facebook, you can see and hear the show by going to the Facebook page called “Bill Cohen Sings.”  You can either search for that page online yourself, or you can click on this link, and hopefully that will connect you AT THE TIME OF THE CONCERT.

If you have a Facebook account already, just click this link.

**IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT, YOU CAN STILL WATCH but you need to click 1 more thing! Once you click on this link (above) you will be asked to either log in or join. IGNORE THAT REQUEST!  Instead, click anything else like Home, Events, Videos etc. on the left hand column and the notice to login or join will go away! Then, you can watch us live AT THE TIME OF THE CONCERT!

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Chuck Smith ‘64

Chuck Smith ‘64 wrote a new ten minute play, PayDayus Ex Machina, which came in second at Carlton Hills College’s ten minute festival. Three audiences at The Old Opera House in WV voted his one act, More the Merrier, Best Play.  In August, his detective book, Dial EM for Empath, was posted on Amazon as an e-book and as a paperback.  It’s about Thane Solace, a detective who is an empath, which helps him in being a detective, a poker player, and as a ladies man. It has everything a reader would want: humor, violence, murder, and a sex scene. Once an artist friend of mine does the book’s cover, my second book, Dunn, will follow in a month or so. Dunn is a down on his luck private detective who comes into possession of a phone that can call five hours into the future. Of course, he uses it for gambling. Soon criminals and the NSA are in hot pursuit to get the phone, but for much different reasons. Not surprisingly, it has: humor, violence, murder, and a sex scene. I say: give the people what they want.

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Dr. James Westwater ’60

Dr. James Westwater’60— photographer, author, photochoreographer, visual concert artist and earth guardian—is a two time National Endowment for the Arts Resident Artist, a National Science Foundation Artist in the Antarctic, a recipient of the Antarctic Medal and fellow of The Explorers Club. He invented the art form of symphonic photochoreography—giant screen, multi-image photographic essays choreographed to the performance of symphonic music. During a 40 plus year career he performed his photochoreography with close to 200 symphony orchestras in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. He served as the Chevron Concert Artist for eight years and authored an award winning book of photography.  He now devotes energy to photographing and sharing the beauty and wonder of Mother Earth and helping to conserve and protect her. Dr. Westwater’s photochoreography and visual concerts with symphony orchestras are currently being performed with orchestras by Nicholas Bardonnay of Westwater Arts.

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R. L. “Bob” Stine ‘61

This summer Netflix released a trilogy series titled “Fear Street” loosely based on the series of books by R. L. “Bob” Stine ‘61. Bob’s original series which was released in the 1990s included 17 books, while the new movies are currently limited to three and take place in the fictionalized town of Shadyside.

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Bill Betz ’61

Bill Betz ’61  (Bexley boy bomb builder) reports that “First, your life is blessed if you were (are) in the Bexley Schools…especially, Bexley High School.Second, at 78 years and still kickin’, I have lived a blessed life from the day I was born in Bexley. I was especially blessed by my good friends and teachers at Bexley Schools. Incidentally, my mother, Irene Betz, also graduated from Bexley High. Third, if you are a student, or a graduate of Bexley High, you will find during your life that you have been greatly blessed. So be thankful for such a wonderful start in life. And good wishes and many blessings to my classmates from the Class of 1961. (Say hi to Clyde W., bless his heart.)

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Barbara Michaelson Dowell ’60

Barbara Michaelson Dowell ’60 has written her 3rd book, “Commentary.” The poetry captures the perspective of the Columbus author, educator, and Jewish musician, as she reflects on her life experiences. Her interactions with family, friends, teaching, performing and religious affiliation colored her life. Her third book of poetry relates warm childhood memories, the role fate played in meeting her husband, presenting the funny side of motherhood, sharing stories that are easy to relate to and uplifting to read. Available for purchase in bookstores. While the book speaks about her life experiences, readers will identify and find themselves within the pages of the book.  

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