Decade Archives: 1960s

L. April Riccio ’69

I attended our 40th High School Reunion but sadly, couldn’t make our 50th Reunion. 

I retired from my long career in the fashion business doing public relations, marketing, merchandising and fashion for Garfinckel’s, Woodward & Lothrop, John Wanamaker’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, and Neiman Marcus.

I recently published two children’s books and am really enjoying how these two books have reconnected me with family and friends around the country.  I’ve received a Mom’s Choice award for both of my books,  The books are available on:

PICKLES IN PARIS is a story with colorful illustrations about life in Paris from a dog’s point of view.  Little ones will learn some French too!

TESS, A LITTLE LADY WITH BIG IDEAS, is a true story about my mom who was a fashion radio broadcaster and fashion journalist for many years in Bexley, Ohio.


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Ronnie Blank ’58 and Bev Weston ’61

Ronnie Blank, class of 58 and his wife Bev Weston, class of 61, recently moved into an apartment in Bexley. We are located near Parkview and Main St, and welcome any visitor to our new location.  This is full circle for us coming back to our roots.


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