Susan (Sue) Addison Jenkins ’56

First let me share that when my Bexley classmates knew me, my name was Susan Addison. However, I now go by Sue Jenkins. 

As I approach my 84th birthday my life is still busy running my alterations and repair business, gardening and struggling with the drought, caring for my dog and 3 cats (a result of many years as a Foster Care Coordinator at our Humane Society. “Foster Fail repeater”.)

I have 2 daughters, both nearby. One actually moved in when the pandemic started and added to the animal population to include her dog and cat! We lived far apart for many years so it’s especially nice having her here.


I have 3 grandchildren. Melanie works in fashion design management, Ben is a senior at Hobart & William Smith majoring in architecture. Nate is starting his sophomore year at Chapman College.


I still attend 5 exercise classes – Strength Training, Water Aerobics as well as Pilates (which is taught by my older daughter, who has her own Pilates studio).


I’ve lived in California for almost 40 years, first in San Diego and for the last 15 years in Sonoma County, north of San Francisco.


If you would like to reach me my current email address is susansabinejenkins at look forward to hearing from you.

Sue J.