Bill Betz ’61

Bill Betz ’61  (Bexley boy bomb builder) reports that “First, your life is blessed if you were (are) in the Bexley Schools…especially, Bexley High School.Second, at 78 years and still kickin’, I have lived a blessed life from the day I was born in Bexley. I was especially blessed by my good friends and teachers at Bexley Schools. Incidentally, my mother, Irene Betz, also graduated from Bexley High. Third, if you are a student, or a graduate of Bexley High, you will find during your life that you have been greatly blessed. So be thankful for such a wonderful start in life. And good wishes and many blessings to my classmates from the Class of 1961. (Say hi to Clyde W., bless his heart.)