Nathan Ours ‘08

Hi! Nathan Ours here, class of 2011! This COVID-19 pandemic has definitely been a roller coaster of emotions! It has been 4 weeks since I have seen my wife and my son, as an essential worker I did not want to risk them contracting this virus so they are staying elsewhere to really distance themselves from potential infection. Right now our son, 3 years old, is continuing his education through various tablet applications and I am able to video chat him every night. For Easter we all participated in a “digital” Easter dinner using Zoom with all members of our family. I have tried to keep myself busy when I am not working ie: building a garden, fixing the firepit, remodeling our sons room, and installing a new jungle gym in the backyard. We can only hope that this pandemic/stay-at-home order is over soon and that everyone can get on with their lives.