Mark Moore ’86

I retired from the City of Bexley back in 2013, but while I wait for my wife to retire I needed to find something to occupy my time. I have been working for Greenscapes Landscape for the last 7 years as the purchasing agent and Safety Director. We are the largest premier install nursery in Central Ohio with anywhere from 100-120 employees. I know most of you would not think of a company in the landscape business being an essential business. We are considered an essential business due to the fact that if you are building a home and/or warehouse, most municipalities will not let those dwellings be occupied unless the entire project is complete which includes the landscaping. For these reasons most of our contractors require us to be present. The challenges we have had with the pandemic is getting safety supplies. Obviously we are following all of the CDC recommendations including face covers. Some of the employees have sewn their own masks which are very creative, but appropriate. We wear nitrile gloves within our work gloves and when ever possible we are having employees direct report to jobsites to limit exposure in the company vehicles and they are sanitized nightly. The big one is staying a minimum of 6’. We have become a lot more mechanized than we were before, but have found this in some situations makes us more efficient. My hope for all of us is that this will be over soon, but fear we will have a new normal. So to all of you Alumi out there please use common sense, we are all in this together, but now more than ever we need to be together no matter what that means to each one of us.