Chuck Smith ‘64

Chuck Smith ‘64 wrote a new ten minute play, PayDayus Ex Machina, which came in second at Carlton Hills College’s ten minute festival. Three audiences at The Old Opera House in WV voted his one act, More the Merrier, Best Play.  In August, his detective book, Dial EM for Empath, was posted on Amazon as an e-book and as a paperback.  It’s about Thane Solace, a detective who is an empath, which helps him in being a detective, a poker player, and as a ladies man. It has everything a reader would want: humor, violence, murder, and a sex scene. Once an artist friend of mine does the book’s cover, my second book, Dunn, will follow in a month or so. Dunn is a down on his luck private detective who comes into possession of a phone that can call five hours into the future. Of course, he uses it for gambling. Soon criminals and the NSA are in hot pursuit to get the phone, but for much different reasons. Not surprisingly, it has: humor, violence, murder, and a sex scene. I say: give the people what they want.