Alise (Warmund) Kermisch ‘ 94

Well, Spring has been a doozie here in Denver Colorado. I am considered an essential worker and have been interpreting in to ASL the daily Denver Public Schools update from the Superintendent and Board of Education since just before we sheltered in place. My husband runs a behavioral health company that is based in California (so he normally spends some of his time in CA) but is fully working his 70-80 hours from our home office in Denver. It’s interesting juggling a space for everyone between work responsibilities and crisis remote learning. Fortunately, other than missing their friends desperately which means lots of online gaming and zoom/skype visits my kids have been very resilient through the pandemic so far. I mostly hear about what is happening in Bexley based on Facebook posts from fellow classmates and friends. I love seeing what everyone is doing and how they are coping. I feel fortunate that so far I only know of one person, a CO State Legislator who I grew up with in Ohio, who has contracted CoVID. Fortunately she is recovering slowly. We are now on day 39 of sheltering in place at home. Most people in my area have been taking the social distancing and mask wearing seriously. We feel lucky to live in a suburb that allows us to easily social distance and walk the neighborhood. We are hopeful that soon we will eliminate enough virus spread that the Governor will slowly be able to begin measures to open commerce in Colorado.