​​Linda Lucks ‘55

​​Linda Lucks ‘55, former principal at both Montrose and Maryland, is alive and well and living in Bonita Bay, Florida from November until June. To flee from the hurricanes, she spends her summers on Lake Erie in a home bought 40 years ago from Sue Scatterday. She reports that her BHS 1955 “Crumbs” are all pretty well and get together about once a year in Florida. including Mary Elberfield Whitham (Colorado),Sallie Rowe (Ft Myers,FL) who is married to Bob Runck ‘53, Joann Angel (Georgia),homecoming queen, married to Bill Legg ’52 Linda Brand (Massachusetts)who is married to Jack Borror ‘54 who met up about 2 years ago had a wonderful time together.  These Bexley mergers are way past the 50 year mark and all fondly remember their BHS years.