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Mark Schuliger, Class of ’82

Mark reported appearing in the feature film “A Bachelor’s Valentine” currently streaming free on “tubi”.  He plays Steven Colt, best friend of star Paul Bachelor (played by Brian Gaskill of “Models Inc” and “Port Charles” fame).  The film was shot in Middletown, Ohio early last year.  It also features Vernon Wells (Mad Max: The Road Warrier) and Marta Kristen (Lost in Space).
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Steve Marr ’75

“Good friends from the Class of ’75 gathered in Gloucester, MA to kickoff the 2022 college football season and the OSU / Notre Dame game.  It was great being together, sharing lots of laughs, and catching up on each others lives!
From left to right: Steve Marr, Janet Callif, Bob Nusgart, Suzyn Ornstein, and Mike Segal.”

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Matt Minkin ’88

So proud of our daughter, Isabella ’21. After visiting a few cities where she saw and fell in love with murals beautifying the landscape, at 16 she wanted the same for our Hamlet.  So, she presented the idea to Mayor Kessler and the Board, worked on designs and got it approved last summer.  She was soon off to college, but she and Mayor Kessler kept in touch throughout the year to ensure it would happen, and this summer she went to work on her first ever outside mural. 

Thanks to Mayor Kessler and the Board that had faith in Isabella.  Thanks to Isabella for adding another layer of beauty to Bexley.   And selfishly, thanks to Isabella for the reminder of her while studying up in Ann Arbor, every time I head through the Giant Eagle Marketplace/Bexley City Hall parking lot. 

Hope you enjoy it as well.

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Pamela Garlinghouse ’81

Pamela Garlinghouse (1981) graduated from The Ohio State University College of Nursing 2022 with Master of Science in Nursing. Was granted the academic award for – Advanced Practice Nursing: Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist. 

Starting the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program at The Ohio State University College of Nursing Fall 2022.


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Rick Harris ’78

Rick Harris ’78 and his wife, Heidi,  twin 14-year-old sons, Alex and Ben, (and puppy Pippin) send greetings from Houston, Texas. Following stints in Boston, Park City, Utah, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, they now call the Lone Star State their home, where Rick oversees a frozen appetizer and snack company called Chung’s Gourmet Foods.   Chung’s markets its egg rolls and other products to major grocery chains around the US and Caribbean.   

 Rick attended his 30th Harvard Business School reunion in Boston in June. Heidi and the boys keep their “New England roots” by spending each summer in Wellfleet on Cape Cod (and Rick tries to get out there as much as possible).  This August the entire family was able to stop in Columbus for the “obligatory trip” to Rubinos and the Ohio State Fair.

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Nathaniel Borenstein ’75

After over 40 years in the Internet industry, I was preparing to retire and face life-threatening heart surgery (for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) when I started on a new drug in a clinical trial.  Within a week, not only were all my symptoms gone, so was my lifelong heart murmur and, most amazingly, so were physical limitations that had limited my athletic ability all my life, but that I never knew were caused by a heart defect.  At 64, I can now run more than I ever could when I was a child and was always chosen last for athletics!  Full of newfound energy, and happier and in better shape than I’ve ever been in my life, I have un-retired and returned to the faculty at the University of Michigan School of Information, where this fall I am teaching a course entitled “How to Change the Internet”.

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Beth Tornes ‘73

Beth Tornes (‘73) had her fourth collection of poetry, Northern Skies, published by Muriel Press in June. She will be reading at the Bexley Public Library at 7 p.m. on November 29th.  She lives in Lac du Flambeau, northern Wisconsin.

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Dave Woodyard ’68

I continue to live in the house in Bexley where I grew up. I now have an amazing granddaughter (Letty) who is 4 going on 21. Today (8/11/22), my stepson and his wife provided my wife and I with our first grandson (Jackson). I am blessed with good health and continue to officiate basketball (43 years) and volleyball (31 years). I volunteer as a Marshal at the Memorial Golf Tournament, and my wife and I are Charity Newsies (they clothe between 12,000 and 13,000 school children each year). I like to help as a timer for the 4th of July 5K run. I figured I had to pay back something for being ornery in high school so I manage the parking lot at the home Bexley Football Games each year. It is fabulous who I see and meet there, at Rubinos, and all around Bexley

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L. April Riccio ’69

I attended our 40th High School Reunion but sadly, couldn’t make our 50th Reunion. 

I retired from my long career in the fashion business doing public relations, marketing, merchandising and fashion for Garfinckel’s, Woodward & Lothrop, John Wanamaker’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, and Neiman Marcus.

I recently published two children’s books and am really enjoying how these two books have reconnected me with family and friends around the country.  I’ve received a Mom’s Choice award for both of my books,  The books are available on:

PICKLES IN PARIS is a story with colorful illustrations about life in Paris from a dog’s point of view.  Little ones will learn some French too!

TESS, A LITTLE LADY WITH BIG IDEAS, is a true story about my mom who was a fashion radio broadcaster and fashion journalist for many years in Bexley, Ohio.


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