Building on tradition at Cassingham

Many Bexley families have graduates of the Bexley Schools stretching back several generations.  Sarah Saxbe BHS ’93 is one such alumnae. Her mother, Susan Saxbe (nee Sloan) BHS ‘66, started school at Cassingham in the 1958. Sarah entered Bexley City Schools in 7th grade and now her own children, Bennett and Sawyer, attend Cassingham.

Sawyer making his way across the monkey bars for the first time

With the original structure for the Cassingham Complex built in 1927, much has changed over the years, including an addition to the elementary school and two playground renovations. The Cassingham playground holds many special memories for generations of Bexley families. “There’s a lot of memories, and it’s a good feeling to see my kids playing on the same playground [my mom and I did],” said Sarah, recalling that her youngest son was so proud when he learned to cross the monkey bars on the Cassingham Playground.

The current Cassingham playground was remodeled in 1995, and many of the structures are now out of date and don’t support all versions of child play. An effort is now underway to transform the aging playground into a fun, healthy, community-focused space. The Cassingham Playground Committee has a goal of raising $200,000 in order to build a new playground.

Sarah, whose special needs nephew will be starting Kindergarten in Fall 2017, hopes the new playground is safe and accessible to all children. “It needs to foster creativity and imagination, and be in accordance with the way kids move and play together,” she said. She goes on to explain that play is an important aspect of a child’s learning and essential to development.

“If children don’t have fun and positive social time during the school day it is difficult to learn,” she said. “We’re fortunate that at Bexley we have the facility and the time and the opportunity for the kids to have a lot of play built into the school day.”

To learn more about the Cassingham Playground Project, including how to make a gift, visit or contact the Bexley High School Alumni Association/Bexley Education Foundation office at (614) 338-2093