BHS Electronic Walls of Fame

The accomplishments of Bexley High School students past and present will now be available for viewing as an interactive digital experience at Bexley High School. On August 9, two electronic Walls of Fame were installed at Bexley High School, a freestanding kiosk in the main lobby entrance and a wall display unit in the Lion Lobby by the gym.  

Visitors and guests to BHS can use the touch screens to search for championship teams, commended scholars and athletes and accomplished artists. The displays bring to life the achievements of Bexley students through photos and text as well as video.  

Gathering the information and photographs for all the searchable sections has taken over a year and will continue throughout this year in order to make the Walls of Fame as robust as possible. Future updates will be made annually. 

“I was excited about this idea, which was brought to my attention by Athletic Director, Eli Goldberger who had seen electronic Walls of Fame, primarily used to recognize athletic achievements at other high schools. We saw the opportunity to create something that would go beyond athletics to showcase and archive all the accomplishments of Bexley High School students from athletics to academics to the arts. I am thankful to those who contributed to underwrite the costs associated with creating the Walls of Fame including the Heilman Family, the Lions’ Pride Alumni Fund of the BEF, the Bexley Boosters, the BHS PTO, Bexley Music parents, and Bexley Theater Parents,” said Harley Williams, Director of Staff and Student Operations for the Bexley Schools.