Alumni Basketball Game

BHS Alumni gathered together on November 23, 2016 to play a friendly game of basketball and raise money for the YWCA Family Center. We are always so proud of our alumni and what they accomplish! Photos of this event are courtesy of BEXLEO Staff.


Row 3 (left to right top of photo): Coach Gustin, Brandon Cook, John Fisher, Taylor Walker, Jonathan Carroll, Hudson Wagenbrenner, Elijah Fabyan, Shawn Williams, Bylal Humphrey, Coach Bill Hoyer

Row 2: Mike Millard, Andrew Good,  J.P. Ford, Art Ford, Tyler Kondracke, Marshall Drewry, Brian Farlough

Row 1:  Ryan O’Donnell, Drew Esposito, Paul Lacroix, Cole Heilman, Jake Kastan, Miles Penn, Josh Hoffman, Aaron Gilbert, Patrick McClendon, Daniel Motter


Left to Right: Brandon Cook, J.P. Ford, Jonathan Carroll, and John Fisher


Ryan O’Donnell shooting a jumper defended by Daniel Motter

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