Bexley High School Class Reunions 2019

Reunion season is around the corner! Reunions are a great way to connect with former Bexley High School classmates near and far. Many classes that graduated in years ending in a 4 or a 9 are hosting reunion gatherings this summer or fall, while others are already planning for 2020!  To learn if you class has a reunion planned, check out the Reunion Events Page.

As we receive new information about upcoming reunions, we will post that information to the Bexley High School Alumni Association website. We can help support your reunion planning by providing contact lists and promoting the reunion through social media and on the BHSAA website. Connect with Alumni Manager Wendy Hauswirth by e-mailing her at or calling (614) 338-2093.  For special assistance planning your reunion, including great places to gather and stay, we encourage you to contact Alumni Reunions Liaison, Sarah Saxbe, at

Alumni are always welcome to call the BEF/BHSAA office at (614) 338-2093 to arrange for a tour of the high school. If you would like to arrange a tour of the high school for your reunion class, please contact Wendy. Although no tours will be offered on the July 4 holiday, we can arrange tours on other days during the July 4 week.

As you plan or attend your reunion we encourage you to build in the opportunity for classmates to give in honor of the pride and tradition that sets Bexley apart from other public high schools across the country. A reunion gift by your class to the Lions’ Pride Alumni Fund ensures that the “Bexley experience” will continue for future generations. Find out more about alumni giving opportunities or make a gift right now.