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Wesley Sellers Bonnie ’62 – Ruston, LA

We have lived in Ruston, Louisiana since 1974. My huband, Larry, and I worked at Louisiana Tech University and both retired in 2013. We are presently building a house in the Straus Park subdivision on Brevard, North Carolina, which we hope is completed in October.

We will at that time leave the heat and humidity of LA behind for the cool of Western NC. This area of NC is close to a temperate rain forest which gets lots of rain and consequently is green. No forest fires for us!

I’m sending a “Hello” to my high school pal, Miriam Kuhn

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Ann Kelso Kaufher ’67

I just graduated with my M.A. in Education with a focus on curriculum and instruction from California State University Fresno. I also received the 2017-18 Kremen School of Education and Human Development Project Award for my paper “Actualizing Art Integration and Teacher Self-Efficacy.” I’d like every child to receive what the students in Bexley receive – a world class education!

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Todd Huffman ’88 – Tampa, FL

Dr.Lee Thomas, Dean of Academic Affairs, and Campus President, Dr. Jennifer China, presented Professor Todd Huffman with the Dr. George M. Miller Excellence in Teaching Award for Hillsborough Community College-South Shore Campus during the Student Excellence Awards event held in Ruskin, FL. Professor Huffman was selected as this year’s award recipient out of 120 faculty.

A 1988 graduate of Bexley High School, Todd current resides in Tampa, FL and is a Tenured Professor of Communication Studies at Hillsborough Community College.

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Brian Herstig ’89 – Minneapolis, MN

We welcomed Goldie Rilo on March 6. She entered the world at a healthy 8 lbs. 15 ozs. and 21.5 inches long. She already has taken to the Minneapolis winters and looks forward to visiting her older brother, Ben, as he prepares to leave for Temple University in the fall to study music education in his pursuit to be a high school choir teacher. Oldest brother Gabe is entering his senior year at the University of Kansas in sports management.

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Chuck Smith ’64

I had two one-act plays at the 2017 NVTA One Act Festival. Look Who’s Laughing Maniacally Now about a super villain school and Meeting Acute, a play about a rogue angel fixing up two people in comas–which won the Best Original Production. The productions were nominated for Best Script, Ensemble and Production as well as for Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Actress and Best Director.

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Patricia Knisley ’45 – Columbus, OH

Happiness is receiving a call from a former Cassingham first grade student of mine about 63/64 years ago! Even better was the second call telling me to look on page 17A in the April 13, 2017 Wall Street Journal. Bob Greene had written an article entitled “I Actually Thanked a Teacher.” Thank you, Bobby! (As a six year old that was his name!) What a nice thank you!

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Trudy Horkin ’55 – Melbourne, FL

Enjoying life in Melbourne, Florida. I volunteer at an equine assisted therapy center, but have pretty much given up riding. Marv volunteers at Viera Hospital. Nursing along my garden – gardening down here is certainly different from Ohio. Would like to get in touch with my classmates and any Bexley alums living in this area. You can email me at

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